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                        A family of storytellers


M3 Prime Production is an independent video production company, founded in Philadelphia in 2015. Our mission is to tell stories through the lens of our camera, and provide superior production quality from start-to-finish. Our clients and the rapport we build with them are our soul. We pride ourselves on the commitment to the story, because with no story there's no vision. Our team is driven by passionate filmmakers with talents in all aspect of production, from pre-production to post-production. We love what we do, and we are confident in the work we do whether it's filming movies, commercials, music videos, brand videos, live events, or agency collaborations. 


                                      M3 Prime Productions is place where we Create Opportunities for Relationships to Evolve (C.O.R.E) 



Every project deserve to have the right team behind it. Here at M3 Prime Productions we have a very diverse way of creating content for for each individual client. These creatives bring so many innovative, and unique skill sets to the table. Each individual below can elevate your project to the next level from idea to script to screen. Let's put this creative team to work that is eager to create for you. 

Rashira Johnson - M3 Prime Productions

Rashira Johnson

Director - Producer - Writer

Chris Lowry - M3 Prime Productions

Chris Lowry

Camera operator - Creative Director

Mark Johnson - M3 Prime Productions

Mark Johnson

DP - Editor - Creative Director

Richard Wah - M3 Prime Productions

Richard Wah

Photographer - Stills Photographer

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